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The Jovial Bauble

A Collection of Whimsical Work by

Khrystyne N. Dewey

I set out, equipped with a 0.2 mm mechanical pencil and a set of equally tiny paintbrushes, in search of baubles. Baubles are an elusive creature. They appear as a ball of light with a nub for a tail, two nubs for arms, and two black holes for eyes. In their excitement, baubles can appear quite visible and bright, making them much easier to spot. They are found just about anywhere, doing just about anything; with most sightings being recorded in nature, antique stores, and curio cabinets.

After an adventure, I go through my notes and turn each sighting into a drawing, painting, or sculpture. Each piece demonstrates the magic and wonder I found within the mundane.

Please Note: I keep a very limited social profile. If you happen across an account not listed here that claims to be me or affiliated with me, please let me know so that I may address it. Thank you.

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